Close up of Evterra logo on jacket

About Evterra

Evterra was born from necessity. There wasn’t an outdoor hunting brand out there that was versatile, high performing and in the end, affordable. Leveraging years of apparel manufacturing and research, we set out to develop a performance-focused hunting apparel brand that keeps you hidden, protected and comfortable all while remaining affordable. 

It all started with the camo.

Much of today’s camo brands are designed to appeal to the human eye and not necessarily designed to conceal the hunter from the animal. So, we started developing our own camouflage patterns that would work with a variety of different terrains. Rather than using natural patterns like sticks and leaves, we studied the science of animal vision and focused on designing patterns that broke up the outline of the hunter using shapes and shades.  

man aiming crossbow

We meticulously field-tested and modified our patterns until we were confident that we were offering the best possible concealment designed for multiple terrains and weather conditions. While we were testing our camo, we focused on fit, comfort, versatility and durability to last season after season. We leveraged the latest fabric technology to find the best possible materials to keep you cool in hot conditions and provide warmth on those grueling winter hunts. The materials were field tested in some of the harshest conditions imaginable to ensure each piece had the comfort, performance and durability to take on anything the elements bring.

The result of our hard work and dedication is Evterra, a combination of innovative camouflage patterns combined with high performance hunting apparel and gear that’s versatile, rugged and affordable. But that’s not the end of our story. We’ll continue to innovate, create and test in order to provide our customers with the very best hunting apparel and gear that money can buy.